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Sales Agreement and Guarantee for Sarjo Rhodesian Ridgebacks

This puppy is guaranteed to be inoculated with its first set of vaccinations, de-wormed, identified with a microchip and will be individually registered with the Canadian Kennel Club upon purchase. The individual CKC registration with transfer of ownership will be forwarded to you upon receipt from the Canadian Kennel Club.

This puppy is guaranteed to the best of our knowledge to be free of any illness or injury at the time of sale.  For this guarantee to be valid the puppy should be given a Health Check by your veterinarian within 7 days of purchase. During a period of 7 days, if your puppy is found not to be in good health by your Veterinarian, then if available a replacement puppy will be offered.  However, a written letter of non-health from your Veterinarian must be accompanied with the puppy on return. If a replacement puppy is not available at the time, the original purchase price will be applied to another puppy from a future breeding.  At the breeders discretion a replacement puppy may not be offered and the original purchase price less the $800.00 deposit will be refunded within one year of the puppy’s return.

Careful planning, thought and research have contributed to this breeding program. Even though both sire and dam are certified for thyroid, hip, elbow and eye clearances, and heart defects these hereditary defects could possibly appear in your puppy before 4 years of age.

In order for this guarantee to be valid the following conditions must be met:

The dog must be the property of and live with the original owner and must be free from evidence of abuse, neglect, trauma or gross obesity. You must continue to feed a premium dog food that I approve of.  These foods include Royal Canin, Science Diet, Purina Pro Plan, Purina Veterinary Diets.  The following diets but not excluded to may not be fed to your dog and doing so will render this guarantee null and void. Raw diets, homemade diets, Now, Origen, Blue Buffalo, Acana, Wellness, Taste of the Wild, Canidae, Alpo, Go, Merrick, Nutro, Solid Gold, Atta Boy, Old Roy any diet that does not meet AAFCO standards for large breed dogs. DO NOT FEED ANY GRAIN FREE DIETS.

Should your puppy be suspected of having any of these hereditary defects

1. Notify us as soon as possible

2. The breeder reserves the right to have the animal examined by a veterinarian of their choosing for confirmation.

3. This guarantee is void and null after the dog reaches the age of four years and/or in the event the condition is the result of abuse, neglect, environment, trauma or obesity.

4. If the condition is found in your dog and if found that it may have sired or whelped a litter, the guarantee is void.

The puppy you have purchased today must throughout his/her life be provided for properly and humanely. This includes a fenced area, regular exercise periods, appropriate health care, feeding, regular veterinary care, safety consideration, housing and tender loving care.

All dogs are expected to attend dog training classes. The training methods used must be positive reinforcement and force free throughout the lifetime of the dog. Use of a pinch collar or shock collar will be considered as mistreatment and/or abuse. If at anytime we are notified that the puppy is being mistreated, abused mentally and/or physically, or neglected in any matter so as the dog’s health is at risk, then that puppy will be removed from your premises and taken back into our ownership. The appropriate registration papers and a signed transfer of ownership will also be placed in our possession. Under these circumstances, no refund or replacement will apply.

The purchaser agrees to maintain annual examinations by a Veterinarian which may include vaccinations, heartworm test and preventative medication as advised. Due to the high cost of Veterinary fees, we highly recommend purchasing pet health insurance for your dog. Please discuss this with your Veterinarian.

The purchaser agrees to return the puppy/dog to the breeder if for some reason he/she can no longer be part of your family. Under no circumstances is the puppy to be euthanized, abandoned, or taken to an animal shelter or pound, advertised or sold on social media. The appropriate registration papers and a signed transfer of ownership will also be placed in our possession. Under these circumstances, no refund or replacement will apply.

The purchaser swears that he/she is not purchasing the dog for resale and that he/she is not acting as an agent in the purchase of the puppy and that it will remain solely in his/her custody.  The purchaser swears that he/she is not associated with a pet shop or animal broker, and that the animal will not be used or trained for activities which are illegal or unethical.


This puppy is being sold as a pet only, not a breeding animal.  It is our recommendation that you spay/neuter your pet in order to minimize the risk of cancer and other health complications.  Do not spay/neuter before 12-18 months of age as this may adversely affect maturity.  If your female should come into season before this time you must separate her from intact male dogs for 4 weeks and wait another 3 months before spaying. If your male dog exhibits sexual behaviour such as humping or appears aggressive please contact your breeder for advice. Intact males must be kept on leash. If you have any questions please contact your breeder to coordinate with your veterinarian for recommendations. We do not approve that any one of our puppies be used for breeding unless it has achieved a conformation or obedience title or has specifically been sold to registered breeder for that purpose. This dog must also be certified clear of hip and elbow dysplasia and hereditary eye, heart, thyroid and Degenerative myelopathy disorders before breeding. In the event that this dog is in our opinion suitable for breeding and has met the requirements for clearances and temperament the non-breeding contract may be lifted at our discretion and the owner’s expense.

If your dog is found to have sired/whelped a litter without our prior knowledge and written consent the guarantee is null and void.  We reserve the right to take such animals back into our ownership.  The appropriate registration papers and a signed transfer of ownership will also be placed in our possession. Under these circumstances, no refund or replacement will apply.

Breeding is not in the best interest of your dog’s health, and should not be done without the owner having an educational background in dog breeding. As a breeder, one tries to improve the breed by reproducing high quality specimens. You, of course think that your dog is absolutely perfect and it is for you and as a pet, but perhaps not as an outstanding producer or model for the future of the Ridgeback breed.

The purchaser agrees to advise the breeder of the puppy’s progress at 4, 6, 12 and 24, 36 months of age. Please send a picture of your puppy’s profile while standing and their weight and height at the withers(shoulder area) with each report. Please do not hesitate to contact us 226-230-0679, sarjokennels@gmail.com with any problems or questions you may have.

All parties involved acknowledge this agreement is a legally binding document.

Cindy Maurer
Sarjo Rhodesian Ridgebacks

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