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  1. Hi Cindy, taught I let you know that Farida Zola Tau of Sarjo is still doing fine, she came out of the litter that was born on 16-04-2010
    meaning she’s turning almost 11 this week, I think her dad was Pico? We attended 2 picknicks, we were the Dutch family from Grimsby who came from Kenya. Is that sweet old lady still alive, I think she was from South Africa or England. Zola as we call her is doing great, she has never ever been sick and is still going strong! She actually also has done some traveling now, in 2014 we moved to Holland, in 2017 to Suriname (South America) and 2 years ago we moved back to Holland. She loved it everywhere we lived and at her last check-up the vet told us that she’s still very healthy and still has some years ahead of her. Just before leaving Suriname we got another Ridgie, without a ridge who is 2 now and keeping Zola alive and kicking. Hoping all is good on your end and keep the good work up! Ron and Hanneke and Zola.

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